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How much does Personal Training cost?

Sessions are billed by the month and based on your # of sessions per week. 

1 session per week is $360 for the month - $90 session
2 sessions/week  is $640 for the month - $80 session

3 sessions/week  is $840 for the month - $70 session

Do you offer Personal Training for 2 people at once?

Yes! Submit a contact form and we will connect to see if your group is a good fit and offer pricing information.

How do I sign up for Personal Training?
Submit a contact form and we will email you to setup an interview call.

From there, we will set goals, training values and a schedule that fits our schedules.

Where are you located?

1001 Christian St.

1st Floor 

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Enter on the corner of 10th and Christian St. 

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?
Yes, this helps our clients stay consistent, accountable, respectful and successful in and of their
fitness practice and our professional time and value. If you cancel in less than 24 hours of your
scheduled class, your full session will be deducted.


Do you offer open gym memberships?
We do not offer open gym memberships due to the frequency of appointments and level of service we provide our

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